Is a relentless naïve, A stubborn hopeful,

The one who jumps off the cliff and invents flight

Atònita is a dented incandescence.

Behind closed doors with some bits of furniture and an aftertaste of the old.

She is waiting for a call that will never come.

A sensitive and clownish jolt on loss, memory and oblivion.

femme debout avec telephone
femme et bebe

Hier arrive bientôt

How do we survive when mourning permeates us to the marrow?

Through a plastic obsession, contortion and manipulation of objects,  the illusion of the Other appears. …

It’s no here anymore, Atonita lives with it.

A vertiginous abyss facing a whimsical madness.

femme assise

Clown solo

50 minutes
Theater, intimate or non-dedicated spaces
from the age of 8
capacity 300 people

By and with    Georgina Vila Bruch
Light design and management   Flora Cariven
Musical creation    Antoine Bocquet
Dramaturgy    Fabio Sforzini
Sensitivity and humor    Marta Torrents

© AtonitaCie – 2022 / Créer par Geoffrey Laplace & Yairo Deru